Workshop: A Shared Calling, A Shared Burden

Apr. 30, 2019 — 5:30pm - 8pm


How Hospice Professionals, Clergy, & Funeral Professionals Can Serve Families Seamlessly & Avoid Burnout

This workshop is designed to build connections among clergy, funeral professionals, and hospice professionals (including nurses, social workers, volunteers, and other staff members). All three professions are at an increased risk of burnout and share many of the same career-related stressors. Dr. Troyer provides strategies for reducing compassion fatigue and burnout. He also addresses many of the myths and concerns related to each profession and facilitates discussion about how families can be served seamlessly.

To register for the workshop, call our office at (256) 234-2511, or email at [email protected]


Apr. 30, 2019 — 5:30pm - 8pm


Radney Funeral Home - Alexander City
1326 Dadeville Rd, Alexander City AL 35010